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Mrs. Texas pageant looking for a good married women

The Mrs. Texas pageant is coming . Sylviane Sydney Kitchen-president of the state pageant, she looking to find a Great Mrs. Texas. to encourage married women to take part in the annual event and see whether they can achieve..                  

    The final crown of Mrs. All Nations America-Universal.

Contestants must be at least 21years old and living with their husbands. As well, husbands of all contestants will have the opportunity to escort their wives for the evening gown category. 

The other two categories are an interview and a athletic wear competition.

The pageant is scheduled for August 28-29-2010. In Houston-Texas.

 This pageant believe married women should be recognized for their ability to integrate intellect, beauty, charm. And family values. Sylviane believe that a woman of any age has a lot to offer the community, "There are lots of different community service events you can take part in. We have experience we can use from everyday life." Also This is always a great time at the pageant plus the experience in making new friends is irreplaceable, and once a pageant sister, always a pageant sister."

Those interested in competing for the Mrs. Texas title may call Sylviane 409-933-0309. or email



Who will be the next..Mrs. ~please insert your city or county here~?Texas.....

  Who will be crown the 2010 Mrs. Texas All Nations America?  The search is on....Mrs. Texas pageant is proud to announce its search for married women residing in The Great State of  Texas who wish to receive the honor of representing their city and community in our 2010 State Competition. Selected applicants will receive an the title and become their community's representative. The Mrs. Texas Pageant will be held at the Hilton Hotel, August 28-29,2010, in Houston, TX.    
 We like to promoting our Mrs. Texas with elegance, grace and dignity.  Fifty percent of the points to achieve the title of Mrs. Texas are determined by the interview with each contestant. There will also be evening gown and atlhetic wear
( Like a tennis outfit. or nautical ) competitions. 
The Mrs. Texas All Nations Of Mrs. America Pageant  is a Preliminary to the  Mrs. All Nations Of America/Universal, Houston-Texas.
We celebrate the successful married woman for her,beauty, Intelligence, community service and her confidence! Complet woman... total beauty.! The Mrs. Texas All Nations Of America Pageant is proud of all the beautiful and intelligent woman that are inspired to be their very best! Each woman is unique and accomplished...celebrate! Mrs. Pageants allow women who have devoted much of their current lives to family, marriage, and career to showcase their accomplishments and reach out to other women like themselves. The woman who is crowned as Mrs. Texas 2010 will then go on to represent the great state of Texas in the Mrs. All Nations Of America pageant for married women. Come and join this prestigious group of married ladies, who are dedicated to her marriage, husband, children, Family, friends and Community. Any Ladies interested should contact, Lady Sylviane, Executive State Director, at 409-933-0309 or email her at
........ Maybe the Next Mrs. Texas is YOU!...
Good Luck!